Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stuff I Just Don't Get...Melissa Shoes

OK, so there's no denying that Melissa shoes are pretty darn cute.

But, here's the thing — they're plastic. Oh, excuse me, they're MELFLEX, a trademarked plastic that "offers improved elasticity, impermeability, and resistance to water." The stuff is apparently also hypoallergenic, odorless and recyclable.

Cool, but they're still PLASTIC.

I'm not going to pay more than $100 — which most Melissa shoes cost — for Jellies. Remember those from the '80s? And, I'm sorry, but I remember the main problem with those regular plastic kicks was a horrible sweating issue. Didn't see anything about MELFLEX preventing your tootsies from sweatin' and slidin'.


Jessica said...

Ugh, I remember the days of sweaty feet and blisters ... and I was 5!

I'm not okay with plastic shoes. UNLESS they're cute little flats for splashing in puddles on the way to work. But I'm an adult and would prefer a pair of leather shoes once I'm at my destination.

Desert Flower said...

Here's the name for the problem you're describing: swamp foot. The same thing can happen with faux leather shoes, which are after all a sort of plastic as well. I think this is a bad idea, no matter now cute the shoes are. They are pretty cute.

Aarti Ruparell said...

Well I actually bought a pair they soles of them now are weaves with canvas and cotton which picks up the sweat therefore no sliding and no blisters! I live in them:)