Saturday, January 8, 2011

No Words

This blog focuses on fashion, food, frivolity and well, whatever else strikes my fancy. Hey, it's my forum and I'll spout what I want to.

Because there's already so much pain and sadness in the world, I intentionally keep things light and fluffy. It's nice to have a break from heavy-duty reality. Let other people rail about politics and actual issues. I wanna talk about shoes. Usually.

But not today.

My heart is heavy. That's true of most people in Tucson, Ariz. At a Saturday meet-and-greet with the public — outside of a grocery store — Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head. Several people were shot, including my friend's father. Apparently a 9-year-old child, an innocent bystander, was killed.

My own 10-year-old has attended events held for Giffords. She idolizes the congresswoman. It was one of the biggest days of her life two years ago when she had the chance to finally meet Giffords, who was incredibly gracious and posed for pictures. Perhaps that 9-year-old was there for the very same reason.

We live in a society in which people are demonized for what they believe in. Sarah Palin puts up gun crosshairs on her Website, targeting democrats who voted for healthcare reform. She took it down today. Still. What kind of message does that send?

If I were Aaron Sorkin, I'd write this wonderfully eloquent "West Wing" worthy diatribe. But, I'm not Aaron Sorkin. I'm just a mom who has to explain to her child why someone shot her idol. For no reason.


jacquelyn said...

Right there with you. I am horrified. I also admired Giffords and saw her as an inspiration for my own political hopes and aspirations.

I hope your friend's father is alright. I think I know who it is because I believe I saw it on twitter. It's so wrong that this happened.

And, I completely agree with the latter part of your post, too. If in fact this was politically motivated I will be even angrier. There is no excuse for this behavior. We are supposed to be a civil society but apparently our ability to engage in cordial discourse went off the rails long ago.

Desert Flower said...

I am so sad to know that the shooter is only 22 years old. How do you become so hateful at such a young age? He's not even a fully formed person and now he's guilty of this heinous act. It's very sad. I hope all the injured can recover and that includes the hearts of those who lost family members.

Mugdha said...

One of my good friends interned with her this past summer, and says that she was one of the most personable people she's met. She loved meeting people and they her. So seeing this happening to her and her constituents is just terrible. It's disgusting that politics is turning out like this. My best wishes to you friend's father.