Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wonder Woman-Mom

Go ahead. Bring it on, Bad Guys.

I can handle your confusing homework. I can whip up a dinner that three out of four people will appreciate. I can wash those endless piles of dishes and clothes AND clean up the dog barf.

On second thought, screw it. I have an invisible plane — I'm gonna blow this Popsicle stand! Let Superdad deal with it.

The goods: Junkfood Wonder Woman shirt, $26. Rain boots from Target, $8.74. (Go a full size down — they run biiiig. The last thing you want to do — as you're running toward the invisible plane with children chasing behind you — is to lose a boot.)
P.S. I do not really have She-Ra thighs — those are my two-sizes-bigger boyfriend jeans. Obviously, I will not make the mistake again to pair them with a slightly oversized shirt.

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