Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mama Needs A Brand-New Bag

Actually, a tote is what I need.

Well, let me rephrase — I have tons of totes, but what I don't have is one that would look acceptable schlepping around in public.

There are a lot of purty ones out there. To wit:

• Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent "Caine" Army tote ($305). Sigh. Why does this have to cost more than two weeks' worth of groceries? The detailing elevates it from other boxy, plain-Jane totes. It even has interior and exterior pockets, a must with something that you'd throw everything into and then have to find.

• See by Chloe "Tieta" Carryall ($175). Hmmm, well, maybe the price isn't as horrifying if you divide by two and think that you're getting two bags since this one is reversible.

• Faux Hermes Birkin ($35). Some things in life I will just never do — like jump out of a plane or ever own an Hermes bag. This cheeky canvas tote, with a real Birkin printed on it, is cute and quite funny. It's too bad that Hermes doesn't have a sense of humor — it's reportedly suing the manufacturers for ripping off its design. How come designers never go for that old saying about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? Wonder if Posh Spice owns one of these.

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Desert Flower said...

I really love the Chloe tote. I am still laughing about Hermes suing over the other tote. As if I'm going to be confused into thinking I'm buying the real thing for $35.