Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Idea/Bad Idea

So, you want the good or the bad first? Let's start off on a positive note, shall we?

I'd go so far as to upgrade foam haircolor from good to GREAT. Many brands are rolling out the latest, greatest step-up in DIY haircare. I just tried some John Frieda stuff. I got it for free because I have no shame and I sign myself up for whatever goodies I can. This was either an InStyle or People Stylewatch trial. Hard to be sure.

For straight, single-color processing, I don't know why anyone would spend the money in a salon. Well, I take that back, going from dark to blonde is definitely a job for professionals. But, if you have dark brown hair that's impossible to screw up (like me), a $12 (or less) bottle is the way to go. More money for Internet shopping!

The Frieda coloring came with the scariest disclaimer I've ever read. It was so disturbing, in fact, that I almost really did do a patch test. The foam isn't nearly as noxious smelling as other products I've tried. It was easy to use, and because of the thickness, I didn't have to worry about it running down my face or neck. Plus, those sleek black rubber gloves were sick. I'd spend my own money on it.

And now, the bad.

Have you seen the ads for Kotex U? You tell me this wasn't dreamed up by some male executive, well over 40, thinking he's all hip and can relate to the young, menstruating chicks. So wrong for so many reasons.

Perhaps the first is the use of 'u' — not short for university, but for YOU. See? Doesn't that reek of over-the-hill uncoolness. Can you hear the exec in the pitch meeting? "You see, we use the letter 'u' because that's what all the kids do these days with their text messaging and My Spice and Factbook!"

And, I'm sorry, but having a period really, really sucks. You feel like crap, you bleed like crazy, and yes it's great that we women can bear children, yada yada yada, but for a huge chunk of our lives, we go through this awful monthly ordeal. Slapping a black cover on hygiene products and wrapping them in day-glo colored plastic does not make me feel better about the situation. I hate this marketing so much that I won't get a free sample. Is this the bitchy ranting of someone who had a pill mishap and is now on week 2 of her period?!? You betcha.

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Desert Flower said...

I hadn't seen those Kotex ads! That is just wacked. Advertising executives run amok.