Wednesday, March 9, 2011

P.S. I Made This Crap

This Proenza Schouler rope bracelet is an eye-catcher, for sure. And, it costs a cool 150 smackers. But isn't it just nylon cord? Couldn't I do that?

I attempted it. Two trips — one to Ace Hardware for nylon cord and one to Joann for decorative carabiners and silk cord — later and I had this. Oh, plus I stripped a gift bag of one of its handles — that ended up being the purple middle since I couldn't ever figure out how I'd wrap/attach the yellow braided nylon cord that I also bought from Ace.

I don't think Proenza Schouler will be hiring me any time soon. But, an itch was scratched — for about $10.

If you think you want to attempt it, do a much better job at measuring your wrist than I did. This ended up more bangle-like, which actually is a good thing. It's hard to undo a carabiner one-handed.

How to do it:
• Get a length of nylon cord. Figure out how long you want it, and cut it (regular scissors slice through just fine).
• Using a butane lighter, fuse the ends of the cord together (this is a two-person job).
• Wrap silk cord at both ends and just tie it in the back.
• Use another cord to wrap around the middle. I just tucked the ends under the wrap.
• Add a few decorative silk cords on either side of the middle.

Ta da. ;)


Mugdha said...

This looks really good! I'm impressed. I always want to make expensive accessories myself, but it just never is as easy as you've made it look, haha.

gigiofca said...

That's cute. Nice job. I like the colors you used, too.

Desert Flower said...

Wow! PS should hire you. Your color palette is nicer.

Jessi8a said...

can I get friendship bracelet? I will pay you

Jessica said...

Nice job! I actually prefer the colors you used over the original.

Michelle's Style File said...

Love this DIY! Looks great. Found you through DDGd.