Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heroic Accessories

If Iron Man were a cross dresser — or at the very least an accessory-loving metrosexual — I wonder if he might carry a purse like this rosegold Kooba "Gemma"?

I got this on eBad, a great deal although it has some splotchy spots.

Since I'm not a superhero, is it great or granny? I'm still trying to decide. I'm thinkin' with a very barebones basic outfit (white tee, jeans), it'd provide be a fun pop of heavy metal.

I'm pretty sure Iron Man couldn't resist this Deborah Lippman "Boom Boom Pow" gold-dust nailpolish, though. This stuff is awesome. It paints on very sheer with gold flecks of varying size. Alone, it gives nails a subtle sheen.

Layered over another color, say a purple with gold undertones, it would look good, too. Of course, Iron Man wouldn't dare do the bag and the nails at the same time. That would be overkill.

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Desert Flower said...

Kooba makes an amazing bag. I agree, with a simple outfit, it would be fabulous. The metallic is subtle enough that it's not granny to me.