Wednesday, October 12, 2011

C&C California's Perfect Little Dress

Some things in life are just irresistible — a baby's laugh, a fudgy brownie, a C&C California sale.

Whenever an email rolls in from that retailer, I can't help myself. It's those 40-percent-off-sale-prices-plus- free-shipping codes that I'm a sucka for.

I need absolutely no more soft, cotton tees, tanks or long-sleeve shirts. This dress, however, I could not pass up for a mere $14. Let's highlight the goodness: It has wide straps (no bra showage!); it's above the knee but not trollop-short; the sheathlike styling means it skims and doesn't cling so there's no need to pick the dress out of your behind or keep pulling it down.

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Desert Flower said...

Their stuff is so soft and comfortable. It's well made too. This dress is a great transition piece, with the cool-warm-cool weather we are having.