Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What the...? Wednesday

Some of the weird stuff that's caught my eye this week...

This crazy Eugenia Kim scarf (with the ungodly price tag of $231) is so odd. It looks like something your mean grandma — if she hated you — would make and give you for Christmas.

I also don't understand this See by Chloe purse ($295) that looks like it was made out of one of those crazy-haired angora bunnies. This is not an outfit enhancement — it's animal cruelty to the polyester beast that died to create it.

Slice O Matic? More like LaZassOmatic. Seriously, slicing — MERE SLICING — is so hard that you need a special tool that will take you three times as long to wash as an ordinary knife?
You can't tell me that repeatedly pressing down on a handle is easier (or as satisfying) as slicing a blade through a cucumber. C'mon. Still, it is the cheapest of all these oddities at $19.99.

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