Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Because I have kids and work and have experienced the letdown of Target's designer collaborations (except for Cynthia Vincent — that was flippin' awesome), I didn't run out on the big Missoni release day last month. I did go, though, to a few Targets that first afternoon. Picked clean.

So now that it's weeks later, returns are trickling in. While quickly flipping through the dregs at my local store, there was a cute wrap-style cami-type top that I didn't remember seeing in any of the lookbooks. It was drapey, rayon and had a cute pattern. Into the cart it went.

When I got home, I slipped it on over my head and my self-esteem quickly plummeted. It was a medium, which is bigger than I usually wear, but it fit so snuggly across my tum — and painfully gap-y at the top. And what was up with the extra flap of fabric that just hung there, without any purpose? Cute but not $29.99 cute.

I needed to alert my friends to my hidden find (why had I not seen that top anywhere in any of the marketing?) and couldn't turn it up. I looked at the tag to see if there was a product number and discovered the reason for the funky fit. It was, um, a romper.


I had squeezed myself through one leg opening, which explained the overly tight fit and the weird fabric flap.

Still, who is wearing something that low on top and that high on the bottom? Sheesh.

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