Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Boob pockets

I could have found a more graceful way to describe them.  They're the pockets on women's shirts and blouses that land right on the girls. 

Some of them are pretty low key.  Just a patch sewn on, almost blending in with the background.

Others are bolder, with more presence and a pocket flap.

Do these additions cause unwanted attention at the chest level, or do they serve a purpose?  Those with a smaller bust like the way pockets add some volume.  When the top is light colored or sheer, pockets provide a bit of coverage.  They can have the opposite effect, changing the look from sleek to sloppy. 
Every so often the boob pocket is just distracting and confusing, like the slanted partial pocket on this striped top.
Then there are the clean lines of a shirt without pockets. 

As with all garments, fit is key and trying on with and without pockets will help you decide what works best for you. 


Kcookski said...

I like pockets because I think they add a little interest. I never thought about them putting too much emphasis on the girls. But, maybe that's because my girls are itty bitty. ;)

Sandarella Sandy said...

I agree with you Kcookski. I have itty bitties, so boob pockets don't bug me at all.