Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fall trends

If you're like me and get emails from your favorite retailers, you know they are pushing fall and pushing it hard.  It's still officially spring, the first day of summer is a week away, yet we're being inundated with images of coats and wool skirts.  The designers have shown their fall lines at fashion weeks around the globe, we all know what we have to look forward to.  The preordering and retailing has begun in earnest.

Each season seems to have a color or two that show up across fashion houses.  This year we're going to see a lot of grey, a lot of violet, together with black and white combinations.  The grey ranges from light dove to dark charcoal on everything from sweaters to boots.  Violet showed up in small but potent doses, appearing in dresses, bags and shoes, like this pair from Alexander McQueen.

Speaking of shoes, the single soled pointy toed shoe continues the charge it started in the spring.  Showing up in everything from flats to classic pumps to booties, in every color and heel height, with and without embellishment, there is much to choose from.
Each season there are trends that make it to the retail floor and onto unsuspecting fashion bloggers but are unwearable by most of us and unlikely to last until the credit card statement is paid.  Ostrich feathers and thigh high boots anyone?



Kcookski said...

That curved heel just smells like trouble.

Desert Flower said...

It's a long way down when you fall in that heel!

Sandarella Sandy said...

Totally unwearable!