Tuesday, June 4, 2013

To a Tee

I love a good tee shirt.  Dating back from high school when my mom bought me three packs of men's size small Fruit of the Loom tees, I've had a love affair with the humble tee shirt. 

The current object of my affection, Everlane.

Soft cotton, available in all the basic colors and a few others offered seasonally, comfortable, washable, perfect with jeans. Everlane also makes a stylish rayon tee with a scoop neckline, the Ryan.  Between the two styles, I have a total of seven. 

The next one on my hit list is the Vince little boy tee.  It's fitted without being too tight.  Paired with boyfriend jeans, it would create just the right proportions.

1 comment:

Sandarella Sandy said...

I am enjoying my Aritzia tees, although I have heard great things about ATM at Barneys.
I see the Vince tees for great prices often.