Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's under there?

Let's talk about it.  What kind of underwear do you wear?  It's a serious topic.  After all, what is underneath can often make or break an outfit.  There are different undergarments for different needs.  There's no all purpose panty.  If there is, I haven't found it. 

Let's say you're wearing boyfriend jeans or some chinos. You don't have to worry about VPL.  You can go for comfort.  Something like these Barely There boy shorts.  No seams, no tags, perfect under denim.

Office attire requires something a little more, shall we say, slimming.  Something that looks good under pants or skirts.  The best choice disappears under clothes.  You want to be held in without having to work up a sweat stuffing yourself into a pair of undies labeled superhold. Behold the Skinny Britches.

Every so often a girl gets a chance to get all dressed up and go out. Cocktail dresses and evening outfits are often revealing and formfitting.  Here you have two options.  Go minimal, like a thong, or smooth yourself out top to bottom.  The big sister of the Skinny Britches, the High Waisted Short, removes every flaw.  The tummy disappears, and they don't make going to the bathroom difficult like the super duper slimmers.


To keep all these pretties looking good, wash them in cold and lay or hang to dry.   

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Sandarella Sandy said...

I am all about the Hanky Panky thongs. But when I need to have it all sucked and tucked in, I really like the Spanx high waisted shorts.