Friday, May 31, 2013

The work wardrobe - flats vs. heels

Picture the professional office.  Dressing for work has become more creative than it was decades ago, yet in many work places the suit with button down meets the dress code. 

Most women in a conservative office environment, like banking, law or accounting, dress in something like this, or if they're lucky they get away with a slightly amped up version that incorporates a bit more color and slightly edgier pieces.  Still, there isn't much variation in the choice of footwear.  The uniform of the working woman includes some form of the pump. 

Being someone who works in this type of environment, I'm in a shoe with a heel daily.  I love shoes, I love pumps, and I have a vast wardrobe to choose from.  More and more I'm noticing that many designers are adding flats to their shoe line.  Not long ago I bought my first pair.  Not my very first pair, but my first pair that wasn't cheap, canvas, disposable.  I wear them often, always on weekends with jeans or shorts.  They're comfortable, they're stylish and they always garner compliments.  It got me thinking about the possibility of wearing flats to work.

Here are some options that might work.



Sandarella Sandy said...

The Ferragamos have been on my mind in bright colors. The Prada's are really pretty too.

Desert Flower said...

I've heard the Ferragamos are comfortable.