Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Warm weather leather

I've received a lot of store emails recently extolling the virtues of summer leather.  Summer leather?  What's cool about leather?

Maybe it's not such a nutty idea.  Leather comes in all forms these days.  Some of it is so thin and supple, you would almost forget it's actually leather.  It is very wearable in warm weather, and even once it gets hot if you add a thin silk layer under it.   

Leather shorts are a great way to transition from spring to summer.  This is a simple and sexy look that almost anyone can wear. 

Maybe a top is more your speed.  Perforated leather may be just the ticket to beat the heat.  Ignore the pained expression on this model's face.  This top from Vince, a master of amazing leather clothes, could work well with Bermuda shorts, a flowy silk skirt or cropped pants. 

Not ready for a solid leather top?  This top, also from Vince, features a silk back.

Stick with a simple silhouette that isn't trendy and won't go out of style because leather lasts a long time. Wait for a sale and you'll spend a little less while still getting an investment piece that will span seasons and work for multiple occasions.   


Sandarella Sandy said...

Love, love, love the leather shorts. Wish I could pull them off. A have a few leather tops that are so great with skirts for work.

Desert Flower said...

We'll wait for fall and wear leather leggings instead.