Friday, May 17, 2013

We always want what we do not have

Do you ever get obsessed with an article of clothing?  As in, you discover it exists and set about finding it so you can have it yourself, only to find out it's sold out everywhere in your size?  That's when you become officially obsessed.  You stalk links, you call stores in other states, you enlist the aid of your friends.  You might even, ahem, wake up earlier than normal to check the website of a retailer you know updates stock in the wee hours. 

Okay, maybe we're only talking about me here.   

Behold the latest object of my obsession, the Tibi Elsa skirt.  Perfect for summer, no?  It's a knit, it won't wrinkle. Stretchy, yet still made with a zipper and waistband for good fit.  Tapered in, and long enough for tall people and/or those of us who like to wear heels.  With a white blouse for work, with a white tee for weekend, this skirt could do double and triple duty and more than justify the $250.00 price tag.

At first I thought it was a Net-A-Porter exclusive (where it is, of course, sold out).  Tibi doesn't carry it!  Then found it on the site of a tiny e-tailer though not in my size.  I'm usually the same size as the Net-A-Porter model who wore a 2.  The e-tailer had a 4.  I ordered and am anxiously awaiting the package.  Will it be euphoria or crushing disappointment? 

Truthfully, striped pencil skirts are everywhere this spring and if Elsa doesn't work out I'm sure I can find another.  Apparently I always want what I cannot find.


Sandarella Sandy said...

I love that skirt! For the life of me, I cannot find a black & white skirt that I like.

Kcookski said...

Hope it works! That's a great skirt. I love stripes, and especially black and white together. The combo reminds me of a cool church I saw in Tuscany.

Desert Flower said...

I'm pretty sure I'm stripesick. If its striped, I'll buy it. Crossing my fingers this skirt works!