Saturday, May 25, 2013


What do you wear now that you didn't wear 3 years ago? Are there things you used to wear frequently that are no longer in your closet?  For many of us, style evolves over time.  Is there an ultimate goal, a point at which you have a defined individual style that doesn't change?

Of all the things to experiment with in life, fashion is the most fun. Nothing is forever, even a bad outfit.  In the 20s and 30s, trying new things, taking risks and enjoying trends is normal.  Even beneficial.  As you move into your 40s and beyond, the lessons learned earlier help you avoid mistakes.

Even those who didn't embrace the joy of fashion when they were young can end up stylish in later life.  People with no sense of style can be taught, rehabilitated if you will.  It is possible to learn from fashion faux pas.

Designer Rick Owens said, "fashion is a playground up until a certain age, but then you have to find your own signature and your own style."

After many years of trying things, discarding what didn't feel authentic and refining what did, I think I've finally got it.  Simple shapes, neutral colors, excellent tailoring. This is the type of look I favor.

More of my style inspiration here.


Mugdha said...

Love this post. I definitely had zero clue about layering, living in AZ, so cardigans are a pretty recent addition for me.

Kcookski said...

It's a great look! Very crisp, long and lean.

Sandarella Sandy said...

I agree. Beautiful and chic.