Friday, May 24, 2013

The one that got away

We all have something in our shopping careers that has eluded us. Or worse yet, we had it for all too brief a time and made the ill fated decision to return it and regretted it ever since.  It might have been a one of a kind or vintage item that we passed on and when we returned to the shop, it was gone.  Whatever that garment, pair of shoes or accessory was, it has seemingly been swept from the face of the earth and cannot be found anywhere.

My Exhibit A, the Yves Saint Laurent Charlotte pump.  Classic shape, soft leather, charming wood block heel.  From many seasons ago, they are no longer available from any retailer.  The usual resellers like Bonanza and eBay see a pair from time to time.  After much stalking I found a pair in my size, never worn with the original box.  And I forgot to bid.  FORGOT TO BID.  Since then I have never found them again in my size, let alone in such pristine condition.

You rarely regret what you do buy.  You regret what you didn't buy.


Kcookski said...

I'd like to say that perhaps there's some subliminal reason behind the forgetting to bid, that maybe it's not meant to be... But, I've had those brainfarts, too. Phooey phoo phoo. But have faith, they'll show up again. Everything does on eBay.

Sandarella Sandy said...

Argh, don't you hate that?! Loving the wooden heel.

Desert Flower said...

I hope they show up again! They're like unicorns.