Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fashion Solutions: What do you do about deodorant marks?

We've all been there.  We put on a top, or we take one off, and there are the marks from our deodorant, all over the side. What's a girl to do?  Wash or dry clean the item every time its worn?  Unless you've run a marathon, or run after a few children, you probably didn't work up enough of a sweat to warrant that.

There are solutions.  There's actually a deodorant removing sponge, here.  I haven't tried it myself but judging from the reviews it does a great job.  There are much more cost efficient ways of getting it done, it turns out.  Nylons - commonly called pantyhose around these parts - work perfectly.  The slightly abrasive texture takes the mark right off.  Likewise the mesh bags used for washing delicates, another item you probably have in the house.  You can use a mesh dish scrubber, as long as it hasn't already been pressed into service to clean the lasagna pan.  Ditto a mesh body scrubber. 

Save the bag your oranges came in, it works too.


Sandarella Sandy said...

I always have a nylon sock in my purse for this same reason. :)

Kcookski said...

Is it bad that I just let it go?
Good suggestions — never heard the orange bag one before.