Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big price tag v. small

Every girl needs a pair of flat sandals.  Cruising the internet, I came across these amazing Alaia gladiator style sandals, for the handsome price of $1,530.00. Yes, you read that correctly.  One thousand five hundred and thirty dollars.

Gorgeous, no?  When a shoe is more than your monthly mortgage payment, you have to look for an "inspired by" that is budget friendlier. 

eBay to the rescue.  These Schuler & Sons sandals boast a similar swirly leather strap effect for a fraction of the price - under $60 including shipping.  Originally sold by Anthropologie, they went as low as $30 on the sale rack.  All leather, soft and comfortable, the same gladiator style look for much less.

There are still some sizes left on eBay, here.


Kcookski said...

I think the ebay finds look even better than the hotly-totsy Alaias!!!

Desert Flower said...

Me, too. And wow, are they comfortable!

Sandarella Sandy said...

Oh hell no to the Alaias! Love the ebay find.