Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The pointy toe flat

Judging by the reaction I get from some of my friends, this is an acquired taste.  What is it about them that keeps drawing me in? 

It started with these, the Jenni Kayne d'orsay flat.

I wear them constantly so needless to say my eye turned to similar pairs. The spring brought these Phillip Lim snakeskin flats, which would be mine if only they'd go on sale in my size. 

The other day I open an email from one of my favorite retailers and there is another must-have pair, available for pre order.  Behold the Miu Miu two tone flat.

Do you die?  I think this is a need, not a want.
Oh yes, they will be mine.  


Kcookski said...

I love those Jenni Kayne flats. I have been on the hunt for a suitable knock-off for months......

Desert Flower said...

If the Jenni Kayne go on sale, buy them. Insanely comfortable.

Sandarella Sandy said...

Those Miu Miu's are AWESOME!