Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When a sale isn't a sale

Sale shopping is a big part of my shopping strategy.  When a new season starts, I scan websites, identify what speaks to me and write a list.  Sometimes I buy an item immediately for full price.  It could be something very popular or only available on one site, and the sell out danger is high.  The rest goes on the sale list.  I try to buy those things with gift cards (from credit card points), on sale, or ideally, both.  The plan works almost all of the time saving me money and getting more bang for my buck.  Unless . . .

The dreaded words no seasoned shopper ever wants to hear.  The surest way to lose money and end up regretting a purchase is to buy final sale.  The risk is great even when buying brands you're knowledgeable about.  Even when buying another of an item you already own. With mass production methods, sizing can vary greatly for the same size of the identical garment.  If you're trying a new designer or a style you don't have, the risk increases.  It's a gamble that doesn't pay off the majority of the time. 

The only good final sale is, well, there is no good final sale.

This philosophy is much more appealing.

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Sandarella Sandy said...

Oh Final Sale... how I hate you.