Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Shoe Haiku: In Love No More

High price? No big deal.
A bad association?
You are dead to me.

Shoe n' Tell: Once upon a time, I adored these See by Chloe High-top wedge sneakers. Sure, their new-car-payment-sized price tag made them completely unobtainable ($345). But hey, who says a girl can't dream about a 99-percent off sale? I thought about what outfits I'd pair them with, how comfortable they'd be, how they looked even cuter white with striped accents, I read the fit info, wondering what size I'd be. Then, I spotted them as part of a blogger's outfit. She said a friend dismissed them as "bowling shoes." She didn't care, she liked them. But now, I had a bad association — bowling shoes. Smelly dark bowling alleys, bad pizza, finger holes that many, many, many people before you had thrust their thumbs and fingers into. Even worse, butt-ugly shoes so many people before you had used that they had to be sprayed with disinfectant. Ew. Like that, they were dead to me.

1 comment:

Desert Flower said...

In this case it came in handy to create a bad association. Now you won't spen time wanting them! On to the next obsession.