Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Peek at Fall, Part 1

If the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is any indication, poncho is the word for fall.

In any and all forms — thick and wooly, thin and drapey, hooded, faux animal, real animal (shudder) — ponchos blanketed the catalog and the early access online sneak peek for cardholders.

Capes were all over, too, but I just can't help but think that in fashion and in life, they'll lead you down the wrong path. No good comes from capes. Remember in "The Incredibles"? Edna warned "no capes!" and sure enough, one led to the bad guy's demise. Capes = bad news.

The dets:
• Hinge Stripe Pattern Poncho ($58.90)
• Beatrix Ost hooded red poncho ($79.90)
• Curio Mixed Knit Poncho ($89.90)

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Desert Flower said...

Fall is starting and it's 110 degrees. Oddly, I'm looking at fall clothes and shoes too. I'm not going to be repeating the poncho trend since I've already done it. I like them though.