Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Dressing — What a Cakewalk!

Summer dressing is most definitely not a cakewalk. Especially not when you live in a place where triple-digit temps are the norm — for about four-five months.


Anything denim is out — too thick. Anything tight is out because, well, it's too tight. So, you've got to aim for natural fibers that breathe and flowy pieces that don't make you look pregnant. Tricky.

Here's one casual solution: And Cake T-shirt; J Crew gauze skirt; Simple peep-toe skimmers; random plastic bangles.


Desert Flower said...

The cake tee is adorable!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I love that cake too!

gigiofca said...

That's a fun tee. Love your pink skirt.

jacquelyn said...

I dig that cake shirt. Where pray tell did you acquire it?

Kcookski said...

oh, j, and now you're making me reveal my dirty secret: that's an oooold shirt. i think i bought it four-five years ago. the brand is "and cake." i just googled and didn't turn up much, but this link shows some of its stuff:
lots of desserts, skulls and andy warhol-ish shoe prints.
good luck. :)