Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Quasi Cami, For Modesty's Sake

An odd movement is afoot in the fashion industry. A downward movement — as in, necklines keep plunging lower.

Has that "Girls Gone Wild" producer gotten out of the pen and started designing clothes?

It seems like everything I put on is daringly low cut, as if designed for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Of which, I am most definitely not.

I am an "A" cup. I've had three kids. There just ain't much to see up top. Shirts sliced to the belly button make me feel like I need to apologize. "I'm sorry — genetics were just not on my side. There aren't boobs in the family, and I'm just not into plastic surgery.... So, this is all there is. Again, I am really sorry if you were expecting more."

Second Base Demi Camis are the perfect way to get that R-rated shirt into more family-friendly, G-rated territory. A quasi cami, it slips on over your bra.

Styles include racerback and lace-edged, but my favorite is the "Tricia" ($38), which has dressy satin edging. It would look cute beneath a basic tank or a fancy, v-necked frock.


Desert Flower said...

I like it! I have also been eyeing the Natori Zen cami bra, which is both the bra and the camisole in one. It's about double the price of this one though. Good tip.

Hexicon said...

I like the idea of a demi-cami, because if I wear a cami under my dress it bunches up around my ribs. I tried the "as seen on TV" Cami Secret, which is a little triangle of fabric you clip to your bra with garter-style fasteners. These are a good idea but the execution is poor--cheap lace-trimmed nylon like Kmart panties, and the fasteners broke quickly.

Lady Cardigan said...

I'm an AA cup, and the plunging necklines are the bane of my existence! That camisole is a good find.