Wednesday, June 1, 2011

If I Were A Rich Girl....

So. Have you heard that Net-a-Porter's got a sale going?

Now, if your last name is, oh, Trump, you could have some real fun.

I looked and it made me sad because I am not one of those bloggers who swishes around an Alexander Wang Darcy bag because either she can afford it because she can do what she darn well pleases because she has no children or grown-up responsibilities or because it was gifted to her*. I have a mortgage. And bills. And, thanks to summer and a lack of school (damn you, you outdated agricultural calendar!!) that means I have to pay for summer programs to keep my kids out of juvie or CPS custody. Oy.

So, if I wanted to buy some of this stuff, I'd pretty much have to sell my body. And, quite frankly, I don't know that there'd be a lot of takers. Well, maybe Arnold. He seems to have a fairly low bar.

What I'll be wearing this summer in my dream life:

•Preen Line asymmetrical skirt.
•Isabel Marant lace-up cotton dress.
•Isabel Marant leather-trimmed poncho.
•Elizabeth and James faux bustier dress.

Oh, and my deepest apologies if you now have "If I Were A Rich Man" stuck in your head like I do.

*The truth about this blog: Yes, I think it's a good writing exercise for me. Yes, it's fun. And hell to the yes, I would love to actually have enough followers that designers would deem me worthy enough to bestow upon me awesome swag.

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Desert Flower said...

I LOVE the skirt. Aren't you due a splurge?