Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Edgy Moto Vest

This Current/Elliott vest was wishlisted forever.

It went on sale, but not enough. It quietly sold out. I left it on my list, though, cuz ya never know.

And that is why I love those online sample sales (Ideeli, Gilt, et all). The vest popped up, cheaper than cheap, and now I have it to put together a wholly uninspired, shlepping-to-Trader Joe's ensemble.

In my defense, it's in triple digits. How can you care about looking cute when it's deathly hot?

But, I have plans (cue maniacal designer laugh). Oh, I have plans. This vest would toughen up a sweetly floral, silk dress. I might also bust out that H&M red dress with the rosette skirt and use this to Bitch. It. Up.

1 comment:

Desert Flower said...

I really like this. I can think of a bunch of ways to wear it! Good buy.