Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Shoe Haiku: Skittle-rific

Yellow and blue, too.
The combo is so, so bright
I gotta wear shades

Shoe n' Tell: When it comes to color, the more, the louder, the better. This J Crew short-sleeved jacket was knocked down to $25 a few seasons back (I'm guessing because of the hue), and I love it with blue. The tortoise Jessica Bennett slingbacks are fancy enough but don't compete with the outfit. That would be a good ol' Splendid tank pulling everything together. Oh, and a J Crew skirt, my favorite, and an Anthro necklace of mini letter blocks.


Desert Flower said...

I think that shade of yellow is gorgeous. Perfect outfit to end the week of outfits of the day. Unless you're planning to keep it going . . .

The Outfit of the day said...

It's all about the colors!!! Very nice.

Crew Cricket said...

Classic Combo. I'm loving all shades of blue with black.
Great outfit!