Thursday, May 19, 2011

Corset Love, Continued

Cue the Stevie Wonder music.

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she woooonderful.....

I have no explanation for my oddsession with corsets (previous post here). I don't believe I had a previous life as a 19th century wench, and I sure as heck don't believe they're the least bit comfortable.

But, they look

On a recent purge to Buffalo Exchange, I did what I never do — took trade. My prize was this lovely old, er, vintage Kooba bag. The darkened leather is broken in, not beaten up. It's just big enough to hold everything.


Desert Flower said...

You did good! The leather looks amazing. I love the lacing detail.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

ODDSESSION - that is a perfect word, hilarious!

That purse is gorgeous!

Pagano DesignWorks said...

oh I LOVE this bag! Yummy color!