Monday, May 23, 2011

Kiss This


It's more than the color of money. More than my favorite shade. It also aptly describes my beauty routine. Green and clean, baby.

I'm not perfect (still use my MAC eyeshadows and wickedly cool Wonder Woman lipglass), but virtually everything else in my makeup/beauty arsenal is made with non-toxic ingredients. Why? Read "No More Dirty Looks" — the book and/or the blog — and you'll see.

Since making the switch, one brand has consistently been great — 100 Percent Pure.

Made with real fruits, this clean line is free of synthetics, chemicals and all manner of artificial yucky stuff. The makeup, in particular, is long-lasting. As an added bonus, it all smells terrific — like real fruit and not that nasty, faux smell wafting out of Bath and Body Works.

On a whim, I bought a set of Creamsticks during a sample sale. It was a screaming deal — $11 for three; typically they're $15 each.

The beauty of this lip product is the easy-to-tote and use pencil form. But get this, it's as rich and creamy as a lipstick. No danger of poking a hole through your lip, as can happen with a real lip pencil.

Coverage is thorough, and long-lasting — about like a lipstain, if you can believe it.

The only mild gripe is that the three colors aren't all that different. It's pink, darker pink or really dark pink. But, that's a minor gripe.

You have to buy online, but sign up for emails because 100 Percent Pure is quite generous with freebies and complimentary shipping.


Desert Flower said...

Given my strong aversion to the color pink, I won't be trying these. They sound nice though, I love a lip stain. Maybe they'll do apricot or something similar.

Katherine said...

I have been trying to go more green with my beauty products as well - thank you for posting about it!