Monday, May 9, 2011

A Week of Outfits! Monday: One Maxi Skirt, Two Ways

I purged. The closet.

Yay me!

Ruthlessly, I scoured its not-so-deep innards, pulling from its overstuffed ranks what I didn't truly love or hadn't worn in a year.

Two trips to Buffalo Exchange later, my closet is cleaner, my wallet heavier and I feel....lighter. No regrets about what is getting "re-homed." For a brief, crazy second I almost felt like maybe that's how I should do all my shopping — only through exchange or with money from giving up my stuff.

Nah. Too limiting.

And, I like my Internet shopping too much. But this whole experience has made me feel like I need to adopt a new shopping policy. Save up for unique, designer pieces even if that means much, much less shopping? Or, the opposite route — go hog-wild at H&M and then just be ready to purge, purge, purge on a regular basis and keep that inventory revolving? Or, do what I'm doing now — a mix?

I dunno. But, I do know that I really like everything that's left in my closet now and it's reinvigorated me enough to proudly present: A Week Of Outfits. Pat pending.

Today — a Michael Stars tiered maxi skirt, purchased on super sale last summer.

Outfit 1: J Crew tank and no-name navy vest and my favorite, favorite Stuart Weitzman "Gladio" sandals.

Outfit 2: same tank but paired with Winter Kate kimono jacket and wedges.

True confession: I did once attempt to wear this skirt as a strapless blouse with a white button-down shirt over it and a brown belt keeping the whole thing together. Alas, after an extremely moderate amount of sweeping, the skirt had managed to slip-slide down to my waist. I no longer consider the skirt convertible any more.


Desert Flower said...

I am so excited about a week of outfits! Great skirt, I particularly love the SW sandals.

Pagano DesignWorks said...

I especially love outfit number one. But you know me and color blocks...gotta doooeett.
I believe I am going to change my internet persona to Pat Pending.