Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Madewell, Indeed: Floral Croquet Dress

The only gap in my summer wardrobe: an easy-to-wear silk dress in a fun, colorful print.

Well, check that sucka off the list. Plus, this Madewell "Floral Croquet Dress" ($120 on sale — I waited for a code, too) has pockets. Pockets, Jerry!

I had no idea what size to order since this is J Crew's hipper, shorter-hemmed sister. Seemed like things ought to run smaller and tighter in this neck of the label, so I went for a size 4. I probably could have done the 2 safely (the top is a little loose), but I loved the print and feel and pockets so much that I clipped the tags and wore it out that very night. I was a model (insert snort here) in a local fashion show, and several people thought this was my outfit for the runway. So, it's definitely a purty dress.


Desert Flower said...

It is so great on you! Love the print. And as one who actually saw you in the fashion show, I can inform everyone else that you rocked.

Summerilla said...

Love this dress! I ordered but then returned because I paid FP and wanted to wait for a sale on it. $120 plus a code is an amazing deal, how did I miss that?