Thursday, May 26, 2011

How To Properly Cuff Jeans

So, get this — there's a right way to cuff jeans.

You hear people say "rolled" jeans, but you don't really roll them. That would be tragic.

I picked this tip up from the manager of a local boutique. It's a great trick. Figured I'd share.

You're welcome. :)

Step 1: Fold the jeans up from the bottom into a pretty long cuff. You've seen people who've got these big, fat rolls near their ankles? Yeah, that's cuz they didn't go wide enough.

Step 2: Take that cuff and fold it in half. Pull it over a smidge farther than the edge so that you don't see the underlying cuff. By actually folding twice, you get enough stiffness to keep that cuff in place. Plus, the wider look is so on-trend.

Step 3: Do the other leg.

Easy peasy.

Outfit: Sauce t-shirt; TAG jeans; Diego di Lucca wedges.


gigiofca said...

Didn't work too great w/the jammies I have on. Will have to try w/jeans! :)

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yogagirl said...

ohhhh...I never knew the proper way to cuff my jeans then! Learn something every day!thnks