Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tie One On: The Corset Craze

Is it just my eyes, or are corsets really everywhere?
Done right, it's a sexy but not over-the-top look. I just adopted a black leather jacket with corset detailing on the sides, a score from my fabulous friend who scours thrift stores and picks up the most amazing finds.

Other cool corset looks:

Elizabeth and James sweatshirt ($195, why do their clothes cost so much?!) — With fabric still underneath, it's a well-placed detail that doesn't look slutty.
Barlow lace-up top ($74) — Love this one. In fact, I bought and then returned because I realized, who the heck do I think I am? Some blogger who goes out to cool events every weekend? No, I am a mom and this would likely not be deemed appropriate on the soccer sidelines. We get so few date nights, I just couldn't justify the expense. I planned to wear it with a black slip dress beneath it or with a tank and jeans.
Barlow skirt($64) — The side detailing is more subtle and is definitely sexy secretary.

And now an example of bad corsetting — Kimberly Ovitiz dress with the lace-up action located just below the crotch. Ew.


Desert Flower said...

Before I even read the whole blog entry I decided you should have the Barlow top, then I read that you bought and returned it! You need it. You can wear that with a tank under it and paired with jeans, and it can go out on one of your date nights. It has versatility.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I looked at the E&J sweatshirt too, but the only way I'd buy it is if it cost about a quarter as much - come on, it's really a sweatshirt and a shoelace, right?

Mugdha said...

Ooh, I love that sweatshirt. But I'm not sure yet how much of a fan I am of this trend. It looks fun and girly sometimes, but I think other times lace-ups can look...tacky.