Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Shoe Haiku: A Lust-worthy Wedge

Hey, this should be me!
Lookin' all sassy and chic

Shoe n' Tell: Love this Marc Jacobs canvas wedge. I even saw a red version floating around the World Wide Web that I love even more. Alas, it is out of my price range ($290). So, it's my dream shoe for now. Until it goes on sale — 95 percent off.

Some people may dismiss wedges, but I think they're the ultimate in cuteness AND comfort. For some (moi), it is pretty much the only way to roll in heels without, uh, actually rolling.


Desert Flower said...

The colors are great on these.

Mugdha said...

I think they're cute, but my friend one time remarked that sometimes they look like hooves, and now whenever I look at them, that's all I can think. =[ Stupid friends and their stupid comments.