Monday, May 30, 2011

The Un-Shorts

An interesting trend (well, to me anyway) is the not-quite-a-pair-of-shorts shorts.

It's like the designers don't want to admit they're making what is traditionally knock-around-on-the-weekends attire. Although shorts do have a growing acceptance as casual business attire and going-out wear.

Alexander Wang had his apron shorts. Now there are these. They're not perfect — check out that price, nearly $1,000. Woof. Plus, the angled cut gives 'em a wedgie look. Not attractive.

Still, I like the idea. Just several hundred dollars cheaper and with an even hemline, and I'd be sold. This is where knowing how to really sew would come in handy.

1 comment:

jacquelyn said...

Wow, that really is a wedgie look---not at all attractive.