Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Get A Lift

News to me: Neroli — aka orange — is a natural mood enhancer.

I'll take a double shot, thanks.

This time of year is a stresser with not one, not two, not three but four — FOUR — birthdays along with the holidays. Oy. I'm not even gonna think about how badly work will suck after a recent downsizing.

So, I've taken to huffing my lotion-slathered arms to feel less stressed. This is the cream causing me to do the quasi Mary Katherine Gallagher* routine — 100 Percent Pure's Blood Orange body cream ($15). It has that crisp, bright smell of a freshly cut orange. It's not too heavy and lasts just long enough for me to feel a smidge better about all the things that haven't been done yet.

Other nummy-smelling orange stuff:

•Evan Healy's Orange Blossom Facial Hydrosol. It's a tricky one to track down because it depends on the availability of orange blossoms. But, I have a rapidly-dwindling bottle, and now I'm going to use it quite sparingly. Nothing is more refreshing than a spritz on the face with this stuff.

•100 Percent Pure's Clementine Hand Wash ($11). Clementine, blood orange, it really all has that same brisk citrus smell, which is fine by me.

*MKG is an old "Saturday Night Live" character portrayed by Molly Shannon. Her main schtick was sticking her hands under her armpits and smellin' 'em. Almost makes "Dick in a Box" seem evolved.

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