Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Old-School Polyvore

Move over, Polyvore.

Love the site, really. In fact, noodling around on it is one of my favorite time sucks even though I'm so impatient that I don't really figure out nice ways to layout ensembles. So, I've gone old-school — as in, craft-store sketch book.

Call it Polyvore 1.0.

I've managed to collect a few folders full of ripped-out magazine pages — cool clothes and shoes, hairdos I want to try, beauty products to investigate. Problem is, with the outfits anyway, I forget what exactly it was I wanted to duplicate. Ah, the joys of rapidly approaching senility. So, I bought a sketch book and plastered its pages with all my ideas, using pens to point out exactly what it was I thought looked neat. The journal looks incredibly juvenile because I am not especially artistic, but everything is together — and I remember why I saved it in the first place.

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Desert Flower said...

This is a great idea and I think I'm going to copy you.