Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kevin Murphy Hair Resort — For That Beachy Look

And to think of all those years spent perming.

But, in my defense, big hair and spiral perms were all the rage in college. If I'd only known back then the only thing I needed was the right product..... Ah, hindsight.

But, I found Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Beach Texturiser (sic — love those Aussie spellings) and so I'm thankful now that I've got the nice waves back. After tossing all my hair products laden with bad chemicals, I've had a hard time finding something that's clean and can still make my hair wave properly. This seems to be the stuff.

Like a light gel, it has a slight tangerine-ish smell. Oddly, it's really pretty stuff, too — kind of shimmery. You can use it either on damp hair and then diffuse or use it to finish and lock in curl after blow-drying. Good stuff.


Desert Flower said...

Wow, that really works! Your hair looks amazing.

Mary Kapsi said...

I'm following your blog too dear <3