Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Shopping For Dudes

My husband rarely shops.

He finds the experience so painful (and when I'm with him, so do I) that he just doesn't do it.*

But, around this time of year, I feel charitable and so even though much of what I buy Mr. Picky Pants ends up getting returned (too stylish), I will still take a stab at clothes shopping for him.

This year, I decided to try cruising one of my favorite sites, Revolveclothing.com, for inspiration. But the dudes in the photos all look so.... goofy. I got distracted and found myself looking more at them and their odd poses (even they look like they feel stupid), that I couldn't take any of the pieces seriously. Doesn't the guy in the graffiti letterman jacket look just like he followed Joey's (from "Friends") "smell the fart" acting advice?!?!

*The one exception is Costco. Dude loves shopping at the big warehouse. But bringing home five years' worth of batteries and a pack of 80 pairs of socks doesn't count as quality shopping. In my book.


Desert Flower said...

Mine hates to shop and hates to dress. Hawaiian shirts and cargo shorts are as stylish as he gets.

I am LOL at that guy in the letterman jacket!

tiffany rose said...

Maybe they are meant to be goofy? have you tried sierra trading post? That's where my guy likes to shop. And I do too once in a blue moon.