Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ooooh, you Lush

Contrary to the title, I'm not advocating alcoholics. In fact, this post isn't about drinking at all, but rather lovely beauty and bath products.
Allow me to introduce you to Lush. So, my three fabulous friends who read this blog, meet Lush.
Or, more specifically, Lush.com since the closest store is in Scottsdale. I've been there. It's awesome. But, back to the joys of Lush.
So, Lush is this funky Canadian brand that uses natural ingredients and stays away from preservatives. The packaging is cute — many come in what look like ice cream tubs, and the labels include the names of the employees who lovingly handmade what's inside. Nice personal touch.
What I love is that the stuff really works. See, I am a total beauty product lemming — if I read about it in a magazine, I must have it. Now, sometimes the item lives up to the hype, but a lot of times it doesn't. I have many, many half-used jars in the bathroom that attest to this.
But Big, one of Lush's best-selling shampoos, is the exception.
Vaguely lemon-lime scented, Big has fat salt crystals throughout. The idea is it pumps up fine hair. It really works. Big gives that beachy, tousled look that's oh-so-popular. Plus, those nubby crystals feel good as they rub into your scalp and dissolve. It's not the kind of thing you use daily because it is a little drying, but I refuse to live without this shampoo.
Right now Lush has a special offer called the "Big Hair Affair" — get a set of sample-sized hair products for $15. This is an awesome way to try out Big along with other good stuff. I ordered mine and made sure it included Trichomania, a coconut-scented solid shampoo.
Some other personal faves: Retread, a fabulous conditioner that makes my wavy hair cooperate and the shampoo bars, which are great for travel (no worrying about the 3-ounce liquid rule). It's a little odd rubbing a bar onto your head, but they last forever. Forever.

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