Monday, June 22, 2009

Bacon rocks!

It's fatty, it's bad for you, but it tastes soooo good. I'm talkin' bacon.
My food obsession started when I read a blurb last week about a maple bacon doughnut offered at an LA diner. It's crazy popular and understandably so. Basically, it's a raised doughnut, glazed with maple frosting and sprinkled with bacon. Sounds good to me.
But alas, when I went to the store ready to pimp out a ready-made maple doughnut, the tray was empty.
I ended up consoling myself with "pig candy" — a term I found on the glorious Internet, which is so gross but sounds so funny at the same time.
My version of pig candy involved mixing up about a tablespoon of brewed coffee and spooning in light brown sugar until the combo made a nice, drizzleable syrup. Stick a finger in it to see if it's sweet enough or coffee-ish enough to your taste and adjust accordingly.
Next: Set the oven to 375. Cover a cookie sheet in foil or waxed paper (this gets messy, people). Put a rack on top of the baking sheet. Spread as many strips of bacon as will fit across the rack; it's OK to overlap a little. Drizzle the coffee-brown sugar glaze, but make sure you save some for the flip side.
Put the bacon in the oven and cook for about 10 minutes, until it's looking crisp and done on the one side. Flip it and drizzle the rest of the glaze. Cook for about 8-10 minutes.
When you're done, you'll have bacon that's crisp with a sweet, crackly crust, a whisper of coffee and the perfect salty finish.
Proceed with caution — I'd say you can eat four strips before your stomach threatens rebellion.
For my next bacon adventure, I'm going to crumble up bacon and stir it into pancakes.
Perhaps a future blog will detail my angioplasty.

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