Monday, June 1, 2009

House o' Hippies

OK, last time to wax poetic about the tie-dying. Promise.
I warned you it was becoming obsession-like. So, today the kids and I made our own shirts (and a few pillow cases just to use up the dye) with a $10 kit from Michael's (and I used my 40 percent off coupon to make it even cheaper). My digits are blue. And not a cute, Smurf blue but a deep dark "I just got fingerprinted by the police" hue. 
It's not so attractive.
But, really this was a pretty easy and fun activity. We found instructions over the Internet to supplement the too-brief ones accompanying the kit. Everyone was soooo excited to see the results.
Now I'm thinking, how cute it would be to do some oversized tees? Middle child is clamoring for a dress.  So no, we're not done yet. :)


Pagano DesignWorks said...

One word:
Ok, that wasn't really a word.
One URL. Yeah, that's it!

Natasha Rao said...

We should have a get-to-gether where we do DIY fashion projects as a group:)