Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Boots? Now?

 I could have sworn that I just read retailers — because of the economy circling the drain and all — were going to do away with all that silly, season-ahead marketing and concentrate on the present. You know what I mean — it's the dead of winter and resort wear comes out.
Well, I just got this in my e-mail today from Neiman Marcus.
Boots? It's barely June — here in Tucson we have, sigh, several months of triple-digit heat ahead of us. If we're lucky, it might cool off enough to wear long sleeves in, oh, November.
So, here I've been so happy wearing my little summery dresses that I'd forgotten about and now I've got thigh-high boot fever. They do look quite sexy when they go over the knee, even when they're flat.
I had the chance to go to a Vegas shoe show in February of 2008, and I LUSTED after these Sam Edelman boots for months until they finally arrived. In October.
I snapped 'em  up at my favorite shoe store, Stems- A Shoe Boutique, as soon as they came in. My boots are a color called "ice." Translation: a dapply gray. Really, this photo does not do them justice. They are the coolest boots ever. Ever. They look really good on. Whenever I wore them last winter, I got so many compliments.
This week promises cooler temperatures — 90s — maybe I can just pretend? Just crank the a/c down and dream of cooler months. I've been stockpiling cardigans, too, that I'm anxious to wear. 

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Pagano DesignWorks said...

I went on a boot frenzy this past winter. LOVE boots! I even found a cute pair of woven leather boots, which I think I could wear now. Just not sure yet what to wear with them. I keep seeing celebs wearing boots with their summer gear. We might pass out here. Or not, if we were in A/C. But would we look silly?? Sometimes I feel silly in Tucson wearing lipstick. Boots in June might just cause the locals to lose it.