Friday, June 19, 2009

Cheap beauty

Lip products are my crack.
I am seriously addicted. Seriously.
Love 'em. Cannot get enough. Lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, lip balm. I have more of these in my tackle box-sized makeup kit (which is still not big enough and requires two supplementary makeup bags) than anything else.
Lately, I've been into tinted lip balm. It's moisturizing, easy to apply (no mirror needed) and usually the cheapest beauty item a gal can buy. I just discovered Nivea's tinted lip balms, and I love.
Overseas, Nivea is branded as Labello. Its no-nonsense formula and so-basic-it's-chic translucent blue packaging make it easily identifiable. A friend brought me a tube back from a trip to Europe. It was awesome.
Now you can find Labello in the U.S. as Nivea. Apparently, it's the same company. I picked up a tube from Target, and it sure seems like the same formula. The tints offer the same hydrating stick but with a touch of color. There are three scents/tints: a pearly rose, which is a little too B52s for me (very frosted and light); a purplish berry passion fruit and cherry, which smells like the fruit and gives the barest red tint. I have fairly pigmented lips, and the cherry just brightens things up a bit, like I ate a raspberry Tootsie Pop.
Find Nivea at drugstores. The cherry tint I scored at Ulta (love the Ulta, the cost-conscious girl's Sephora).

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