Monday, June 15, 2009

Suit up

When jumpsuits started appearing about a year ago, I figured it was just the fashion powers-that-be messing with us. I mean, adult onesies? C'mon.
But here we are in 2009 and all my favorite fashion Web sites list "Jumpsuits/rompers" as one of the categories.
I've resisted this trend because A)I really do think this is a style best left for toddlers and B)so many look so goofy and most importantly, C) I've had three children — my bladder isn't what it used to be. Not that it was much before. If I have to pee — really have to pee — I would lose critical time just trying to get out of the thing. This is the fashion equivalent of a Chinese finger trap.
So, no, I will not be jumping on the jumper bandwagon, but I will admit that I have seen a few suits that have made me consider wearing one, just for a minute. Here's one of 'em. The Sunner silk jumper (at is bare and flowy, like a maxi dress. Don't you love the low pockets?

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