Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad case of lovin' you

Someone take my temperature.
I am not a jumpsuit person. Never have been. It was the threat of having to wear a school-issued, shapeless, blue jumpsuit in junior high that made me remember my PE clothes every day.
Aside from the worries of having a droopy butt and droopy crotch in a, ahem, romper, there's also the fear that I'd never get a one-piece outfit off in time if I have to pee. Mommies, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout.
So the fact that I'm drawn to this jumpsuit is......crazy.
Not only does this violate my personal no-romper rule, but it's strapless to boot! I am lacking two of the crucial anatomical items necessary to hold up such a fashion statement.
No, I attribute this suit's allure to two things: It's from the Daftbird line, and I loves the Daftbird (see July "I *heart* Daftbird posting). It's incredibly soft and well-cut. Secondly, the outfit's made of this crazy, cuddly poly-cotton-rayon blend that I adore. Adore. I would wrap myself from head to toe in that material, if I could. And actually, this is probably as close as I could get to that adult dream swaddle.

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