Friday, August 28, 2009

Keds and 'quins

Keds and 'quins — as in sequins — seem like strange closet companions. And yet, I'm completely drawn to both right now.
'Sup with that?
One is the epitome of practicality and the other is...well, pure hooch. If there is such a thing as bipolar fashion disorder, then surely I have it.
As a kid, I always got a new pair of Keds each year. Of course, they weren't true Keds, just some kind of knock-off. Now I'm more into Simple sneaks, when it comes to that kind of footwear. But, Keds are really looking cute these days. How could anyone not be smitten with the polka dots on these wedges? There's the tall, d'orsay style or the lower one. Can't decide which I like best.
As for the sequins, I've purchased one spaghetti-strapped bustier — a bargain for $15 at Forever XXI (true story: I called the store once, and the 14-year-old boy working there who answered the phone actually said "Hello, x, x, i" rather than 21). Anyway, I envision myself wearing it over a plain, white tee and pairing it with boyfriend jeans to tone down the hooch.
This purple, Free People sequin tank is calling my name. But then I hear it say, "Yeah, who are you kidding? When was the last time YOU went out on a date? Give a sequin top a break and let me go home with a cute, hip 20-something who'll show me some love."

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